• Physical Therapy evaluations
  • Gait analysis
  • Hydrotherapy in our Ferno underwater treadmill
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise for agility, balance and strengthening
  • Manual Therapy; massage, stretching and range of motion
  • Home exercise instruction
  • Recommendations for support devices such as slings, harnesses and carts
  • Pawzacise fitness/weight loss program

therapeutic exercise



Canine Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation
Canine Hydrotherapy, Underwater Treadmill

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Briscutt tackles the cavalettis

At K-9 Hydrotherapy, our certified physical therapists will help your pet to feel better faster.  We offer physical rehabilitation and hydrotherapy for dogs. Whether your pet just had surgery, suffers from arthritis or is recovering from an injury, we can help!

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Underwater treadmill

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Canine Exercise, Physical Therapy
Canine Cold Laser Therapy, Canine Rehabilitation
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Freddy the beagle works out

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