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"My dog Briscutt had surgery on his cruciate ligament and it was suggested that hydrotherapy would be helpful during his recovery.  Since receiving hydrotherapy, he has been able to move and walk much better and he was able to stop his pain medication sooner than expected.

What I like best about K-9 Hydrotherapy is how much attention everyone pays to my dog Briscutt.  Everyone there are true dog lovers and really care about his progress".

Laurie L. and Briscutt

"My active husky Lucky tore each acl knee ligament, one each the past two winters. My vet and surgeon both recommended K-9 Hydrotherapy as a key part of both knee rehab efforts. The results have been wonderful, Lucky literally got his normal life back. The surgery repaired his knees, but the hydrotherapy healed him quicker and more completely than without it. My vet said it best: its the hydrotherapy that brought him back to 100% normal activity in just a matter of weeks. 

​Can't say enough good things about the folks at K-9 Hydrotherapy, so kind and loving to Lucky, he couldn't wait to get there for every appointment and enjoyed the therapy like it was play"!

Alan G. and Lucky

"My boxer girl had a torn ACL.  Due to her age and her arthritis, the orthopedist suggested physical therapy for her.  I found K-9 Hydrotherapy and they have been fantastic.  Everyone that works there is great.  They truly care for my girl.  It's a pleasant atmosphere and I enjoy taking my girl for hydrotherapy.  It has helped her TREMENDOUSLY.  She went from taking medication daily to once a week!  She loves the hydrotherapy and I can't say how wonderful her physical therapist is.  They treated my dog like she was the only dog they were taking care of.

I would highly recommend K-9 Hydrotherapy to anyone with a dog that could use physical therapy".  

Lisa B. and Zeena

"I first tried hydrotherapy after my (then) 7 year old beagle tore both ACLs, and found it to be the magic fix to get him back up to speed. About a year and a half ago, I resumed hydrotherapy, as I found it relieved the arthritis and partial hip dysplasia that was starting to hurt his (now 13 1/2) year old bones. The difference immediately after the first visit was amazing. Everyone at K9 Hydrotherapy/Rehabilitation was very gentle and careful with him. At the suggestion of one of the PT's, he began cold laser therapy as well, and that proved to be equally remarkable in his quality of life and range of movement. I cannot recommend K9 Hydrotherapy/Rehabilitation Services enough. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They have quite literally added years of joy to my dogs life"​.

Kris K. and Freddy

K-9 Hydrotherapy